We know that you might have a few questions about what your little one will get up to at Happy Adventures Preschool.

This is exactly why we've put together a list of our most commonly asked questions.

Happy Adventures Preschool - FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum number of sessions my child needs to attend?

In order to give your child the best learning opportunities and the quickest settling in process we ask for a minimum of one full day or two sessions per week.

Can I visit Preschool to look around?

We encourage all parents to come and visit us before joining Happy Adventures Preschool. If you are interested in having a tour, please contact us by email or telephone to arranage a viewing. Unfortunately, due to safeguarding we are unable to show anyone around that hasn't made an appointment beforehand.

Are there any additonal charges if my child is entitled to 15/30 hours of funding?

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours of funding towards their early education. If you
choose to use this funding at Happy Adventures Preschool your child will be able to attend 5
sessions per week with us which will be completely covered by their funding. Some families
will also be entitled to 30 hours of funding which would cover a full time place.

Does my child require any special clothing whilst outside in the forest?

We ask that all children have appropriate outdoor clothing so that they can enjoy their time
with us. If you decide to register your child with us, you will be sent a recommended kit list.
We are able to provide.

Do the children go outside in all weathers?

The children will go outside in all weathers. We find that as long as they have good outdoor
clothing, are out of any biting wind and that their hands are warm, they are happy to play
outdoors regardless of the weather.

On cold days we will often have a campfire during snack time or warm up with a hot
chocolate when we go back inside.

Are their outdoor toileting facilities?

We have a specific area in the forest where we have 3 huts, which offer shelter and privacy
for toileting. Children not used to toileting outside quickly adapt and staff are on hand to
assist as needed. For children still in nappies, we have a special nappy changing area within
the toilet huts. We also provide warm water and soap for hand washing after toileting.

How often are the children outdoors?

We have an amazing indoor area within the church as well the forest and a cabin which we
use as an outdoor classroom. The children use all 3 areas on a daily basis.