Our forest area is located towards the back of the church. It is the perfect area to be outside in as the canopy of trees acts as a shelter for all weathers.

The ethos of our forest school is that we enable the children to explore and experience the natural world through hands on activities. The forest school approach is known to develop confidence and self esteem in children through natural, child-led learning.



All learning is play-based and child-led. Time and space are limitless and there is no constraint on how long one child engages in an activity. This makes holistic development easier to achieve than in a classroom. It is particularly important for children to have the freedom to choose and express themselves creatively. If not, their innate talents may be stifled.

Activities will include:

  • Exploring the woodland and making dens

  • Getting messy and creative in the ‘mud kitchen’

  • Planting and caring for crops

  • Climbing trees

  • Learning about fire safety through cooking on the fire

  • Learning about insects, animals, plants and trees through investigation and discovery

  • Working as a team and learning problem-solving skills through construction play

  • Learning about boundaries and risk assessment

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